TINHORN FLATS – The Symbol of Modern Day America Against Tyranny


By Joe Hoft

Published April 11, 2021 at 11:50am

This is the symbol of modern-day Americans against tyranny.  America is standing up against this communist onslaught.

One American is standing up against tyranny.  He’s becoming the symbol of America.

The Conservative Treehouse brought this to our attention.  Here is what they shared:

Tinhorn Flats is the oldest bar in Burbank.  In March of 2020 they shut down in compliance with state guidelines.   They reopened in November 2020, and when the second lockdown was announced their defiance began.

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Burbank authorities first cited and fined Tinhorn Flats.  Lucas refused to pay and stayed open.  Burbank authorities cut their utilities.  Lucas brought in generators and stayed open.   Burbank authorities red tagged his restaurant and locked the doors.  Lucas cut the locks and reopened.  Burbank authorities boarded up the doors and ‘red tagged’ again as unsafe.  Lucas sawed off the boards and reopened his business.  Burbank police then arrested Lucas.  Lucas made bail and was released.

Regular protests then began to support Lucas.  Burbank authorities came back and replaced the boards (thicker w/ security nails).  Lucas sawed off those boards and reopened business.  Burbank police then arrested Lucas the second time.  Lucas made bail and was released.  Burbank authorities again replaced the boards on the doors and added sand bags; (police later announced that anyone moving a sandbag would be arrested).  Lucas removed the sandbags.  Lucas was arrested, made bail and was released.

Today the city of Burbank installed fences around the property…. the battle continues.

Peter Duke tweeted about Tinhorn Flats:

Lucas Lepejian, owner of @TinhornFlats was arrested tonight by the 卐@BurbankPD卐 , shortly after I made these portraits©, for the “crime” of refusing to shut down his business in the face of the scamdemic. Support Tinhorn Flats Legal Defense Fund here:

— Peter Duke 📷 Reframes Reality (@peterdukephoto) April 2, 2021

Here are supporters of Tinhorn flats:

The Battle of #TinhornFlats

— Peter Duke 📷 Reframes Reality (@peterdukephoto) April 11, 2021

More supporters with shirts saying Commies aren’t cool:

The Battle of #TinhornFlats

— Peter Duke 📷 Reframes Reality (@peterdukephoto) April 11, 2021

Where are our police?

Join the 🤡🌎 police force where you swear an oath to uphold the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and then go bust small business owners while Costco and Amazon rape the American public. #goalz

— Peter Duke 📷 Reframes Reality (@peterdukephoto) April 10, 2021

Here’s a discussion by Peter on the subject Tinhorn Flats:

The Battle of Tinhorn Flats

— Peter Duke 📷 Reframes Reality (@peterdukephoto) April 7, 2021

This is the state of America.

What do you think?

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