UPDATE: BLM Mob Starts Jumping on Police Cars after Officer-Involved Shooting in Minnesota – Cops Drop Thug with Rubber Bullet – LIVE VIDEO FEED


By Jim Hoft

Published April 11, 2021 at 8:11pm

Protesters clashed with police officers in Brooklyn Center on Sunday after an officer fatally shot a driver.

Black Lives Matter members jumped on police cars in the afternoon.

JUST IN – #BLM crowd starting to jump on police cars after officer-involved shooting in

— 🚨 (@disclosetv) April 12, 2021

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A BLM crowd gathered in Brooklyn Center on Sunday evening after a female police officer reportedly shot and killed a black person.

According to reports there was an officer-involved shooting in Brooklyn Center near 63rd Ave N and Kathrene.

Police leaving the area, BLM surrounds the cars and throws (what seems to be) water bottles at the vehicles as they leave#Minneapolis #BrooklynCenter

— Cat Hyde Кот Хайд (I’m just here for my ban)🖤🧡 (@KBoomhauer) April 12, 2021

One man was downed by a rubber bullet.

Man attempted to throw a cement block at police, got shot by crowd control munitions in the process.#Minneapolis #BrooklynCenter

— Cat Hyde Кот Хайд (I’m just here for my ban)🖤🧡 (@KBoomhauer) April 12, 2021

Here is the livefeed from Unicorn Riot

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