WATCH: Rapper Lil Nas, Who Celebrated Children Being His Core Audience, Promotes Animal Crossing Version of Satanic Video


Controversial rapper Lil Nas has promoted an Animal Crossing version of his Montero music video, in which he pole dances for Satan on Wednesday.

Lil Nas has faced massive criticism over the fact that just a couple of months before going full on Satanic, Lil Nas was celebrating the fact that his fan base is mostly children during an interview with NPR.

In the recreation of his music video by a Tik Tok user, the rapper and Satan were recreated as characters from the popular children’s game.

— nope 🏹 (@LilNasX) April 7, 2021

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Lil Nas recently wrote a children’s book he wrote called “C is For Country,” apparently based off his hit song “Old Town Road.”

That wasn’t the musician’s only attempt at making sure he had a young fan base.

In January, NPR reported in an article titled “Lil Nas X Says Children Are His Core Audience Right Now, And That’s OK,” “Reaching kids on their level has been a big part of the public persona of Lil Nas X in the past year. Last spring he did an appearance on The Not-Too-Late Show, singing the theme along with its host, Elmo. Leading into the holidays, he did a virtual performance on the online video game platform Roblox, reminiscent of the Travis Scott Fortnite concert in April. But Roblox has a huge younger audience — the company says over half its users are under 13 — and the Lil Nas X concert alone drew in over 30 million visits.”

The NPR report continued on to say that Lil Nas X says he isn’t particularly self-conscious about his extremely young fan base. “I’m well aware that life and careers and everything goes in chapters,” the rapper says. “That’s the chapter I’m in right now and I’m OK with that.”

To be clear, he specifically catered to a young audience to boost his career. Just a little over two months later, he’s grinding on Satan.

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