“Skilled Predator” – DOJ Watchdog Finds FBI Official Sexually Harassed 8 Women


The Justice Department’s watchdog found that James Hendricks, the chief of the FBI’s field office in Albany, New York, sexually harassed 8 women.

Colleagues described Hendricks as a “skilled predator” who touched women inappropriately at the office and even asked one woman to have sex with him in the conference room.

James Hendricks

Hendricks retired last year with full benefits before the Office of Inspector General concluded he sexually harassed 8 female subordinates, according to a report obtained by the Associated Press through a FOIA lawsuit.

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Mr. Hendricks, now 50, says he was not sexually attracted to his accusers and they either misinterpreted his actions or exaggerated them.

Via The Associated Press:

One woman carried a ruler at FBI headquarters so she could smack James Hendricks’ hands when he reached for her legs and breasts. Another went home shaken after he tugged on her ear and kissed her cheek during a closed-door meeting.

And when Hendricks went on to lead the FBI’s field office in Albany, New York, in 2018, colleagues described him as a “skilled predator” who leered at women in the workplace, touched them inappropriately and asked one to have sex in a conference room, according to a newly released federal report obtained by The Associated Press.

The FBI said it could not discuss Hendricks’ case but that it “maintains a zero-tolerance policy toward sexual harassment and is committed to fostering a safe work environment where all of our employees are valued, protected and respected.”

The details of Hendricks’ sexual harassment — outlined in a 52-page report obtained under the Freedom of Information Act — have not previously been reported. The OIG blacked out Hendricks’ name in the report, but he was identified by law enforcement officials familiar with his case.

Read the full report here.

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