Why Police Are Nervous About a Traffic Stop


A lieutenant in the US Army, who happens to be black, was stopped in southern Virginia recently and the ensuing actions created another potential racial incident. First, watch the video:

This is a classic example of police giving contradictory commands. They order the suspect to place both hands outside the vehicle. But then they order him to exit the vehicle, which means he needs to put at least one hand in the vehicle to unfasten the seat belt and then open the door. It is only after the Lieutenant is pepper-sprayed that the officers come to their senses and give him permission to unfasten the seat belt and exit the vehicle.

Looks pretty bad. But now look at this traffic stop in New Mexico.

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In a fraction of a second, as the suspect emerges from the truck, the officer is shot and killed.

My point–it is very easy to play armchair quarterback from the safety and comfort of your den or living room. These two videos show how events take place in a matter of seconds. Most people, including trained police officers, are incapable of reacting to defend themselves as you can see in the New Mexico video

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