Dr. Fauci Demonstrates How Unbelievably Stupid a Doctor Can be – Fake News CNN Backs Him


Dr. Anthony Fauci, the king of flip flops – stated that the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is safe for those who took it

By TCP News Staff

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(TCP News)  Here is what we would like to know; if the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is perfectly safe for those who already took it, then why did Dr. Fauci back the CDC and FDA’s call to pull, oh sorry, their call to pause the vaccine?

“The fact that a pause was done is a testament to how seriously we take safety,” Dr. Fauci days of the J&J coronavirus vaccine as regulators review a handful of rare blood clot cases. “It’s a very strong argument for safety, actually.”

— Sabrina Siddiqui (@SabrinaSiddiqui) April 13, 2021

So what’s the issue at hand?  Six people, SIX people out of a reported 7 million may or may not have ended up with blood clots from the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.  So the CDC and FDA in their wisdom atypical thinking process decided it would be wise to pull the vaccine.

Yet there are hundreds of products on the market with FDA approval that have killed people.  Products that carry a much higher danger of blood clots among other serious dangers, like cancer.

One in 1000 women develop blood clots from hormonal birth control but it’s considered safe. This is ridiculous

— Jennifer14 (@JennNYC14) April 13, 2021

That sums up the utter stupidity involved in this decision rather well.

A CNN fake news reporter threw in his two cents:

Attn Twitter skeptics playing the role of health experts today: “I don’t think it was pulling the trigger too quickly,” Dr. Fauci said of the FDA and DCD decision to implement a pause on the J&J vaccine. “We are ruled by the science and not any other consideration.”

— Jeff Zeleny (@jeffzeleny) April 13, 2021

Six people who MIGHT have developed blood clots from the vaccine with no evidence to back it up is a reason to pull the vaccine?  THAT’s scientific???

6 cases out of 6.8 million? How on earth could it be causation? 6 cases out of 680 would be more likely causation. These people don’t analyze data and make small adjustments, they knee-jerk, overreact, backtrack, then wonder why no one listens to them anymore.

— James Baker (@JDtheDJ2004) April 13, 2021

Yeah, exactly.  Or they flip flop on nearly every position they take, you know, like Dr. Fauci does?

Ok Fauci is officially a clown show. I gave the guy A TON of leeway and benefit of the doubt because I didn’t think some of the earliest criticisms were more than partisan prejudice, but he has proven his harshest critics to be understated in their disapproval of him

— Alex Oakley (@AOakley19) April 13, 2021

What he said, sort of.

Fauci has been seen as an not only an idiot by many, but a self-serving opportunist who is clearly not concerned with the people’s welfare to begin with.  Anyone who was concerned with We the People’s welfare certainly would not flip flop on important positions constantly.  Fauci is way to obsessed with the limelight and the sound of his own voice.

Your health is a secondary consideration, if it is even considered at all.

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Washington Examiner

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