Peter Navaro: Jerome Powell is “the Worst FED Chair in Modern History…That Is One Bad Dude on So Many Levels”


By Joe Hoft

Published April 13, 2021 at 4:15pm

Peter Navaro is right.  Jerome Powell is the worst FED Chair in Modern History.

Peter Navaro was on the War Room and he addressed 60 Minutes garbage piece on Fed Chairman Jerome Powell.  If you happened to watch the Masters Golf Tournament on CBS on Sunday as soon as it was over, CBS pulled up the far-left 60-Minutes and their topic was Fed Chairman Jerome Powell.

Dr. Peter Navarro told War Room Jerome Powell is “the worst fed chair in modern history.”

Navarro reacted to Powell’s interview on 60 Minutes, where the federal reserve chairman admitted the system is rigged against the Deplorables.

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“The people who control this government think that whenever your wages go up, they’re going to ship our jobs overseas so people can have cheap crap at Walmart,” Navarro said. “Even though they don’t have a paycheck, they’ve got cheap crap at Walmart.”

“What Powell is saying is the way the global system is rigged, is if you try to earn a buck, you try to ask for additional money, off your job goes offshore,” he said.

Navaro went on to say about Powell:

That is one bad dude on so many levels.”

We at The Gateway Pundit couldn’t agree more with Dr. Navarro and have said it numerous times.  Let’s see if he increases interest rates ever on Biden:

The FED’s Jerome Powell Screws the Economy Again – Worst FED Head Ever! If He Had Any Integrity He Would Resign!

What do you think?

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