Amazon Bans Conservative Author’s Book — So He’s Giving It Away For Free


Amazon has banned a book from conservative journalist Andrew Meyer, who became infamous over his “don’t tase me bro” video.

Meyer’s book, Don’t Tase Me Bro! reveals the truth about corporate media, war, Big Pharma, and more.

“Amazon didnt say why they banned the book, but I wrote about the successful 2018 Stop the Steal campaign which saved Governor DeSantis from being cheated the way Trump was. A similar comment got me banned from Twitter,” Meyer told the Gateway Pundit.

Now, Meyer has decided to give the book away for free. Those who wish to read or download it can do so here.

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This isn’t the first book that Amazon, the world’s largest online bookstore, has decided to ban.

A book of research on transgenderism by journalist Abigail Shrier was also recently banned.

“When a company controls over 83% of the market for books, it begins the process of deleting ideas from a society,” Shrier said on Twitter.

When a company controls over 83% of the market for books, it begins the process of deleting ideas from a society.

A bookseller can sell whatever it wants. If ‘Marxist Books’ wants to only sell books that conform to its ideology, OK; that has integrity.


— Abigail Shrier (@AbigailShrier) February 26, 2021

“Amazon can basically make books disappear for *all readers* — and does so on a blatantly dishonest basis. Under guise of removing ‘inappropriate’ content, they will really be removing ideas they disfavor,” Shrier warned in February.

“Please do not make the mistake of analogizing this to a tiny Colorado bakery. There’s a huge difference betw one baker refusing to make a particular cake and Target, Amazon, or Apple deleting content: scale – i.e., the difference between homicide and genocide,” she added.

NOW is the time to get upset. For the moment, while we can still express this on @twitter, NOW is the time.

Writers are being dropped by agents and refused by publishers *right now* because of Amazon’s move.

Time is running out. /10

— Abigail Shrier (@AbigailShrier) February 26, 2021

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