Horror in Los Angeles Caught on Video: Man Killed After Being Run Over By Multiple Vehicles, Witnesses Do Nothing to Help


A horrific scene was captured on video as a man was fatally run over by several vehicles in Los Angeles — and the awful people who passed by did nothing to help.

The man pleads with one man who stopped for help, but he got into his car and left after the man was run over by a second vehicle and dragged 60 feet.

“On April 12, 2021, around 1:20 a.m., a light color 2-door vehicle was travelling southbound on Main Street from 70th Street and collided into a pedestrian who was standing in the southbound lanes of Main Street, just north of 71st Street. The impact caused the pedestrian to be catapulted into the air and land on the northbound lanes of Main Street. The driver of the light-color vehicle fled without identifying themselves or attempting to render aid to the victim as required by law,” Breaking 911 reports.

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A woman stopped and spoke to the injured man before getting into her vehicle and driving away.

“Moments later, a Spanish speaking male driver of a light-colored Toyota Prius stopped and pulled over. It appeared the driver was checking on the pedestrian who was still laying on the street,” the Breaking 911 report continues. “As the male was speaking with the pedestrian, a dark sedan travelling northbound on Main Street ran him over and dragged him approximately 60 feet before being dislodged. The driver of the dark sedan fled the scene without rendering aid and identifying himself or herself. The driver of the Toyota also left the scene.”

The pedestrian has not been publicly identified, but is a male white, 35 years old, and resident of Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Police Department’s Central Traffic Division are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the suspect or suspects responsible.

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