Biden Sheepishly Backs Down After Putin Threats – Decides Against Moving US Navy Ships Into the Black Sea


By Joe Hoft

Published April 15, 2021 at 9:45am

Ukraine threatens Russia but it appears Russia is not deterred.  Russia has amassed nearly 80,000 soldiers on the border with Ukraine. 

Meanwhile, Biden sheepishly decides not to move navy ships into the Black Sea after Russia warned him over the weekend not to do so.

What is going on in Ukraine?  The Russians apparently have placed around 80,000 troops along the border:

Ukraine has warned Russia that it will bear ‘very painful’ consequences if it invades as Vladimir Putin continues to mass his forces in eastern Europe.

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Dmytro Kuleba, the country’s foreign minister, said today that Moscow is ‘openly’ threatening Ukraine with ‘destruction’ by stationing 80,000 troops along its border – with more arriving every day.

He issued the warning following a meeting with the foreign ministers of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – NATO allies in the region – saying ‘the four of us condemn the exacerbation of the situation by Russia.’

‘The world is on the side of Ukraine and international law, and this is one of the elements of restraining Russia from reckless actions,’ he added.

He spoke as it was revealed that Washington had U-turned on a decision to send two warships into the Black Sea, a day after Russia warned them to stay away ‘for their own good’.

Turkey, which policies the straits which leads to the sea, said on Tuesday that permission for two warships to pass through was abruptly cancelled with no explanation given.

Elsewhere, it was revealed that Joe Biden is preparing to slap sanctions on Russia in response to bounties put on American troops in Afghanistan, attempts to interfere in US elections, and the SolarWinds cyber attack of federal government data which US intelligence services blame on Moscow.

A few days ago both Russia and China told Biden to stay out of the Ukraine and Taiwan.  It appears Biden obeyed:

Russia and China Tell Weakling Biden at the Same Time to STAY OUT of Crimea and Taiwan – Warn Him of “Playing with Fire”

The question is whether Biden and Obama are super weak or are they just against America?   Maybe they are both?

What do you think?

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