Trouble In Antifaland: Informant Snitches To Portland Police, Results In Arsonist Arrest, Chaos In Antifa Ranks


Antifa terrorists in Portland are panicking as one of their own has supposedly turned against them, ratting out criminal behavior to the police.

After Tuesday night’s torching of the police union headquarters building, one of the rioters, Alma Raven-Guido, has been arrested and charged with Arson, Riot, and Criminal Mischief. If you can believe it, pro-antifa district attorney, Mike Schmidt, is actually holding her to the charges. Turns out one of their own ratted her out to police. And this isn’t the first time this person has snitched!

Antifa sympathizer Tess Riski, of Willamette Week, reports:

Eyewitness testimony from a Portland police informant with a history of providing “credible and reliable information on multiple prior investigations” is one of the Multnomah County prosecutors’ strongest pieces of evidence in charging a 19-year-old woman with arson for allegedly setting fire to the Portland Police Association headquarters.

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On Wednesday, the district attorney’s office filed charges of arson, criminal mischief and felony riot against Alma Raven-Guido. The charges follow an April 13 protest against racist policing where some of the protesters marched to the union hall on North Lombard Street and set fire to a portion of it.

The most substantial information in the probable cause affidavit filed Wednesday by the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office comes from the alleged firsthand account of an unnamed informant.

“The informant observed the defendant pour a flammable liquid on the building from three plastic bottles which the informant described as having labels which were either blacked out or taped over with black tape,” the affidavit says. “The informant further explained that when the defendant was pouring the liquid on the fire and causing the fire to grow, one of the bottles caught on fire and started to melt.”

The informant allegedly witnessed Raven-Guido place all three bottles into her backpack, court records say.

The informant reportedly provided a description of Raven-Guido and her alleged “actions associated with the fire,” court filings say. Officer Le then arrested her with the assistance of Officer Ryan Potter, according to the affidavit. They then searched Raven-Guido’s backpack, where they reportedly found lighters and plastic bottles containing “what appeared to be an accelerant.” Prosecutors allege that one of the bottles they recovered was partially melted.

Needless to say, the terrorists in Portland are not happy about this revelation:


— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) April 15, 2021

fucking pigs and their lackeys

— Fully Vaxxed Kina (@artisanalsauce) April 15, 2021

Fucking snitch.

— ☭🚩🏴 Commie Scum 🧱🆒🥫 (@antifascist2na) April 15, 2021

So where did this happen and what’s that snitches address?

— Cats Not Cops (@catinabalaclava) April 15, 2021

Would love to see a @WorstYearPod episode about movement informants since the 90s since the MO has changed from the 70s. It’s more people who flip now. There’s a great thesis out there on misogyny as a tell for informants. @katystoll @why_sophie_why @drmistercody

— 💐🌺🏵️🌼⭐⭐🌒🌘 (@MutualAidNerd) April 15, 2021

Meanwhile, Raven-Guido was released on recognizance with no bail.

She was previously arrest last summer as part of the riots, but DA Schmidt dropped charges, to the surprise of no one.

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