NY Republican: Packing Courts Is Right Out Of The Hugo Chavez Socialist Handbook (VIDEO)


Democrats spent the last four years claiming that Trump was destroying our norms. Now they are openly calling for the packing of the U.S. Supreme Court with four new, presumably liberal, judges.

This is what tyrants do.

New York Republican Nicole Malliotakis recently warned that packing the courts is one of the first things that Hugo Chavez did in Venezuela, and she’s right.

CNS News reports:

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Congresswoman: ‘The Scariest Bill Introduced Since I’ve Become a Member of the House’ Should Concern You

In her one-minute video posted on social media, Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) explains why all Americans should be concerned about a bill introduced in the House on Thursday.

Rep. Malliotakis begins by revealing that House Democrats have introduced a bill to pack the U.S. Supreme Court by adding more justices:

“The reason I’m standing here is because I want to talk to you about what the Democrats have done today. The scariest bill that has been introduced since I’ve become a member of the House of Representatives is the bill they introduced today to stack the Supreme Court and change the number of judges from 9 to 13.”…

“Well, in 2004, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela did the exact same thing. This is a play right out of the Socialist handbook. It should concern you that Hugo Chavez took the wealthiest country in South American, a very prosperous nation, and destroyed it.

Watch the video below:

Packing courts is a play right out of the socialist handbook.

Hugo Chavez packed Venezuela’s Court from 20 to 32 judges to tilt 45,000 rulings in his favor and destroy a nation.

We can not and will not allow it here.

— Nicole Malliotakis (@NMalliotakis) April 15, 2021

If Democrats open this Pandora’s Box, where do they think it will end?

Should Republicans add four more judges next time they take power?

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