Crazy John Kerry Signs Another Garbage Deal – This One with China Regarding Climate Change – No Doubt He’ll Screw the American Worker


John Kerry signed another garbage deal that will no doubt hurt the United States and suck billions from its coffers.  This deal was with China regarding climate change. 

John Kerry is a legend in his own mind.  The failed presidential candidate and former soldier who threw his military brothers under the bus, now believes China is signing an agreement for the good of the world.

Simply put, John Kerry is an ignorant elitist nutjob.

FOX News reports this morning:

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The United States and China, the world’s two biggest carbon polluters, agreed to cooperate to curb climate change with urgency, just days before President Joe Biden hosts a virtual summit of world leaders to discuss the issue.

The agreement was reached by U.S. special envoy for climate John Kerry and his Chinese counterpart Xie Zhenhua during two days of talks in Shanghai last week, according to a joint statement.

The two countries “are committed to cooperating with each other and with other countries to tackle the climate crisis, which must be addressed with the seriousness and urgency that it demands,” the statement said.

No doubt Kerry signed away billions from the US taxpayer to go to who knows where.  The article goes on to state as if a fact that this agreement is “key to a success of global efforts to curb climate change”.   Both climate change and the US and China’s involvement to curb it are bold and disputed claims.

After the COVID disaster last year and the resulting loss of rights, jobs, and money, Kerry mentions nothing about holding China accountable for that.

Also, ask the people of Hong Kong how well China upholds agreements they sign.

China promised not to mess with Hong Kong for 50 years in 1997, when the UK passed control of the tiny country to China, but today, less than 25 years later China has taken over Hong Kong’s government and is imprisoning those who stand up to the communist nation.

China is already renigging on Kerry’s agreement:

While Kerry was still in Shanghai, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng signaled Friday that China is unlikely to make any new pledges at next week’s summit.

“For a big country with 1.4 billion people, these goals are not easily delivered,” Le said during an interview with The Associated Press in Beijing. “Some countries are asking China to achieve the goals earlier. I am afraid this is not very realistic.”

Anyone who has traveled throughout China and the United States knows that the pollution in China when compared to the United States, is staggering and heavy.  If pollution is a result of CO2 emissions then the US is way, way behind China.  There are provinces in the middle of China that rarely see a blue sky due to the intense pollution.

The first thing that Chinese citizens who come visit the US for the first time notice is the blue skies, even over major cities.

It would be insane for the US to sign a deal with China and trust their words and promises.  If Kerry puts together an agreement like the Iran deal, it will match the worse deal in world history.  No doubt he’s willing to do that and will claim victory while China will laugh at his face.

China loves having Biden in the White House.  They know Kerry, Biden, Obama, and their team are idiots. 

China knows that any of their actions related to the release of the COVID virus are already forgotten and look forward to signing a garbage deal that they will never uphold where the US will be held to self-destructive promises.

What do you think?

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