Breaking: James O’Keefe Files Lawsuit Against Twitter in NY for “False and Defamatory” Statements


By Jim Hoft

Published April 19, 2021 at 6:42pm

Last week Twitter banned Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe after he posted multiple videos exposing CNN’s left-wing bias.

Then Project Veritas on Thursday released a third bombshell undercover video of CNN Director Charlie Chester admitting that the network is “trying to help” Black Lives Matter by protecting their narrative on race.

That’s when Twitter banned and removed James O’Keefe’s account.

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WOW: You can’t make this up. Twitter actually suspended Project Veritas & @JamesOKeefeIII for exposing political bias & fear mongering tools at CNN. This is a move of blatant partisan censorship. Someone at CNN straight up called Dorsey to shut down a conservative reporter.

— Blair Brandt (@BlairBrandt) April 15, 2021

On Thursday night James O’Keefe said he will sue Twitter for defamation after his account was banned.

James posted the announcement on Telegram.

On Monday James O’Keefe made good on his promise and filed his lawsuit against Twitter.

[WESTCHESTER, NY – Apr. 19, 2021] Project Veritas founder and CEO James O’Keefe sued Twitter in The Supreme Court of New York today, over “false and defamatory” statements made by the Big Tech giant.


The lawsuit was set in motion after O’Keefe’s personal account — with nearly one million followers — received a permanent ban from Twitter, for operating “fake accounts.”

The ban was issued almost immediately following Veritas’ release of Bombshell undercover CNN videos, where Technical Director Charlie Chester calls the network “propaganda” and admits to using “fear” as a way to drive viewership.

Twitter’s accusation of operating fake accounts was immediately challenged by O’Keefe, who maintains he has never done so.

James O’Keefe comes through again.

It should be noted that The Gateway Pundit lost our Twitter account in February after we released exclusive video of Democrats moving a van-load of ballots into the TCF Center in Detroit late at night on election night.

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