Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer Secretly Vacationed to Florida During Michigan’s Covid Surge While Telling Michiganders to Stay Home, Avoid Travel


Gretchen Whitmer

Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer vacationed to Florida during Michigan’s Covid-19 surge while telling Michiganders to stay home and avoid travel.

Whitmer specifically attacked Floridians and blamed “snow birds” traveling from the Sunshine State into Michigan for her state’s Covid surge.

The governor’s spokesperson confirmed on Monday that Whitmer took a “personal trip” to Florida last month during spring break!

🚨BREAKING NEWS🚨THREAD: @GovWhitmer vacationed to Florida during Michigan’s COVID-19 surge, despite telling Michiganders to stay home and avoid travel.

— Michigan GOP (@MIGOP) April 19, 2021

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The Michigan GOP also said that Whitmer’s top staffers secretly traveled to Florida and Alabama for vacation.

A number of Whitmer’s top staffers have also been caught secretly traveling to Florida and Alabama for vacation, revealing an administration-wide attitude that they were above the people they serve.

— Michigan GOP (@MIGOP) April 19, 2021

Whitmer went on a media blitz telling Michiganders to stay home and mask up amid a “spring surge” in the state.

The Democrat Governor specifically targeted Florida in remarks made to the media in early April.

Whitmer blamed “snow birds” traveling from Florida to Michigan.


Gov. Gretchen Whitmer discusses the surge of Covid-19 cases in Michigan: “Travel, variants… on top of the natural fatigue that comes a year into this is making our jobs a lot tougher and that’s why we have to keep pushing through to vaccinate the people in this state.”

— The Situation Room (@CNNSitRoom) April 6, 2021

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