“Racism is an American Problem” – Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland Parrots CCP Talking Points, Trashes America (VIDEO)


US Attorney General Merrick Garland trashed America and parroted CCP talking points during a sit-down interview with ABC News Chief Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas.

Merrick Garland trashed America as a racist nation in his first interview since being confirmed as the country’s top law enforcement official last month.

“Look, racism is an American problem,” Garland said in an interview that aired Monday as the Chauvin trial wrapped up.

Racism is an American problem? Has Merrick Garland ever traveled to the Middle East, Africa or East Asia?

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“It’s plain to me that there has been and remains discrimination against African Americans and other communities of color, and other ethnic minorities. I think it’s reflected in discrimination in housing and employment and the justice system,” Garland said. “We do not yet have equal justice under law.”

“This is an important part of the role of the Justice Department, to help bring it about,” he added.


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