EPIC! Jim Jordan BLASTS Democrats for Pushing Defunding of Police Across US as Violence Soars – Democrat Val Demmings FREAKS OUT! (VIDEO)


By Jim Hoft

Published April 21, 2021 at 9:14am

Rep. Jim Jordan is the MODEL REPUBLICAN.

Jim Jordan BLASTED lying Democrat Val Demmings during her horrific stunt pretending Democrats support police!


On Tuesday Democrats attacked police officers on the House floor and argued to cut funding to US police.

2020 ended as one of the most violent years in history with homicides from shootings hitting its highest level in 20 years!

This was ALL due to the Democrat Party’s war on police!

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During the House Judiciary Committee hearing, Rep. Jim Jordan BLASTED Democrats for defunding the police in cities around the country during a pandemic of urban violence! Talk about INSANE!

Jim Jordan listed off these numbers that for some reason never made any mainstream media headlines?

Democrat-run Cities cut off:

** New York – Democrats cut $1 billion from its police — Saw 97% increase in shootings

** Los Angeles cut $170 million from its police budge — Saw 11.6% increase in homicides

** Austin, Texas saw $150 million cut — Saw 50% spike in homicides

** Portland, Oregon saw a $12 million cut, eliminated 3 police units — Shootings went up 173%, murders up 25%

This was ALL due to Democrat policies and their demonizing of police!

Democrats are ruining America.

That’s when Democrat Val Demmings, a former police officer, stepped in and pretended that Democrats support police. That is just sick!

The Democrat fake news media NEVER PLAYED Jim Jordan’s comments in his dustup with Val Demmings.

They can’t.

They must lie to the American public because their policies are so batsh*t nuts.

This was an explosive hearing.

Jim Jordan is a national treasure.

What do you think?

Written by Newsman

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