EXCLUSIVE: A Smoking Gun? Was China’s Military Fully Aware of COVID-19 in November 2019?


By Joe Hoft

Published April 21, 2021 at 1:10pm

New evidence suggests that China’s military may have been aware of the COVID-19 virus back in November of 2019.

We reported yesterday that China has an extensive research network that supports biowarfare:

The Chinese Communist Party Has an Extensive Research Network Supporting Biowarfare

In the above article, we noted that Dr. Ningyi Jin is a virologist but he is also a senior military officer in the People’s Liberation Army:

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Ningyi Jin is a member of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. He is described as a virologist, who studies zoonotic diseases. He is a native of Jilin Province of Korean nationality and is a member of the Communist Party of China.  He is also a senior officer in China’s Peoples’ Liberation Army.

Today, Lawrence Sellin identified a document that indicates that China’s military may have been fully aware of COVID-19 in November of 2019:

A smoking gun? Was China’s military fully aware of COVID-19 in November 2019? Ningyi Jin is a senior military officer. See my 20 April 2021 article #UnrestrictedBiowarfare #UnrestrictedBioweapon #OriginOfCOVID19 #CoronavirusPandemic #COVID19

— Dr. Lawrence Sellin (@LawrenceSellin) April 21, 2021

Each day we get closer to the truth as we uncover more and more information about the China coronavirus.

What do you think?

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