Concerned Texas Parents Slam School For Divisive Materials And Forced Masked Photo-Ops


Concerned Texas parents slammed their school in a board meeting on Tuesday, over its divisive learning materials and how their child was forced to wear a mask that wasn’t theirs, for a photo-op!

The videos were posted to Facebook taking place at Rockwall Independent School District in Texas and one veteran father wanted to address the issues with teaching the ‘Lucy Calkins’ curriculum, which is being used to teach children in grades K-6.

The veteran father, William Marcus Chinn, read a quote from a book being taught in school and called out how he is not inferior to anyone.

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“There was a book about Wilma Rudolph and let pull it up for you right quick. It says, and I quote, ‘Wilma also noticed how hard her own mother worked as a maid and a cook. There’s nothing- there’s something not right about this Wilma thought. White folks got all the luxury and we black folks got all the dirty work. Wilma became determined to do something other than serve white people.” Mr. Chinn quoted.

Let me tell you something. I don’t believe, I don’t subscribe to white supremacy, because if I subscribe to white supremacy, that means I have to subscribe to black inferiority. And I am a four-time Iraqi freedom veteran. I am not inferior to anyone, period. And I’ll be damned if I teach my children that they are inferior to anyone,” he continued.

“You get out of this world what you put into it, and there’s no magical man pulling strings, holding my fate or my kids fate who are half black fate in their hands. Because of whatever agenda, this isn’t a this isn’t a black or white issue. Conservative, liberal. This isn’t right. Why would we put in our kids heads that they can’t do something or they are at a disadvantage just because of the way they were born? It makes no sense. And so I beg of you, please look into the Lucy Calkins curriculum,” the veteran concluded.

Chinn’s wife Codi also stood up to speak at the board meeting to share how her daughter was forced to wear a mask for a safari hunt even though she did not bring a mask herself to school.

“Why was my daughter forced to wear a mask that was not even hers on a safari hunt day? Why? That doesn’t make sense. The only thing that does make sense is that that particular day y’all had or not y’all I don’t know whose job it is to know these things or to make these decisions. Someone had photographers there because they were going to post pictures of my kid and everybody else’s doing this safari hunt for the school website,” the mother asked.

So for a photo op, my daughter had to wear a mask that I was told she would not have to wear. I have had different members, candidates that are running for school board pull me to the side and want to know why masks are important to me. Why will I not vote a certain way simply because of a mask? Because there’s so many issues. And they’re right. There are so many issues. But I didn’t get up here over those issues. I didn’t go march and walk door to door, knocking on doors, putting up flyers and posters. I did not go advocate for candidates for anything other than these masks because it is about our freedom, it is about our right as parents to decide what it is that our children are doing in school,” the mother continued.

And I am my child’s advocate, but who’s my advocate? That’s supposed to be [the school board], but it can’t be y’all because one, two, three, I saw at the candidate forum with no masks on in a room full of three hundred. Yeah. You will go and sit on this board and tell my baby that she has to wear a mask at 5 for a safari hunt? I’m not going to call those names out, but you know who you are that we’re parading around in that room with no plexiglass, no social distancing and not a one with masks. And some of you did have masks, but your kids didn’t. So it’s OK for you to decide if it’s okay for your child, but it’s not OK for me. That’s not OK with any of us. And I may not be able to force you into representing me or any of the other people in Rockwall ISD. But today I practice my constitutional right to have my voice heard at the polls. I’ll tell you what my vote was for both to put members on the board that are going to outnumber those of you that are forcing us to do this for our children. And it’s also to replace the one member on the board that’s running for reelection that also voted to keep the masks. Remove the masks. We don’t want them. We don’t need them. And our kids are suffering,” Chinn concluded.

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