Pelosi Says, “DC Statehood Runs in My DNA” as She Holds Up a Photo of Her Father Meeting with Eleanor Roosevelt (VIDEO)


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Thursday said attacking the US Constitution and pushing for DC statehood is in her DNA.

The Framers of the Constitution never intended for DC to be a state, but the Democrats are going for the power grab anyway.

The Democrat-Communist party knows they don’t have the support to amend the Constitution so they are pushing for DC statehood through a vote in Congress.

The Democrats stole the White House and the Senate in 2020 with massive voter fraud so now they are fiercely working to pack the Supreme Court and pack the Senate.

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“I said this District of Columbia statehood is in my DNA,” Pelosi said holding up a photo of her late father meeting with First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.


Pelosi shows a picture of her late father, who was a Maryland congressman and mayor of Baltimore, meeting with Eleanor Roosevelt, saying that had both supported giving Washington, D.C. more control over its representation

“District of Columbia statehood is in my DNA,” she says

— CBS News (@CBSNews) April 22, 2021

Everything the Democrats do is for power NOT for the people. This is what power-hungry Marxists do.

On Thursday the US House voted 216-208 to make the District of Columbia a state.

We are watching the Communist takeover of the United States.

Steal an election and then make it permanent.

What do you think?

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