NEW NewsBusters Podcast: Earth Day Is Climate Crisis Day

On the latest NewsBusters podcast, the topic is Earth Day. It’s like Easter for the pagans, and the networks gushed over President Biden’s vague climate goals as “ambitious” and even “visionary.” It doesn’t matter if there isn’t a clear policy. All that matters is he’s not Trump, and he’s ready to rejoin the global socialist consensus in the Paris climate accords.

The networks also interviewed teenage climate activists who hate capitalism, and asked if their “news” coverage has been as frightening and one-sided as the leftists want. Their “climate anxiety” makes  them sympathetic figures, and no media interviewer ever asks them how they might have gained scientific or economics expertise before they turned 20.

Finally, the creepy way in which the networks found a “silver lining,” even a “gift” in the deadly pandemic suggests they aren’t really fans of the human race. On CBS, Gayle King said “Look at the human beings mucking everything up.” Reporter John Blackstone said nature seems to be saying, ‘We can get along fine without you.’”

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you enjoy your podcasts. 

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