Movement Growing For Constitutional Amendment To Keep Supreme Court At Nine Justices


Democrats want to pack the U.S> Supreme Court, but it turns out a growing majority of Americans think it’s a bad idea.

There is even a new and growing bipartisan movement that wants to amend the U.S. Constitution to keep the court at just nine justices.

Once again, the Democrats are out of step with the American people.

Just The News reports:

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Growing national, bipartisan movement for constitutional amendment to keep SCOTUS at 9 justices

Nationwide, a bipartisan majority of Americans are in favor of a constitutional amendment to keep the number of Supreme Court justices at nine, says Roman Buhler, executive director of Keep Nine, the movement leading the charge. However, the issue has become extremely partisan in Congress.

“The most fascinating thing has been the initial bipartisan support that we’ve gotten to the idea of keeping nine justices,” Buhler told the John Solomon Reports podcast. “Our organization actually is led by a Democrat, a former state attorney general of Virginia. And it was originally proposed by a group of 15 former state attorneys general, a majority of whom were Democrat.

“And the Keep Nine Amendment, which says in its entirety, ‘The Supreme Court of the United States shall be composed of nine justices,’ was first introduced in Congress by a Democrat. So this is a bipartisan movement. Polling shows we have overwhelming support from the public, 62% in favor, only 18% against. Of those who have an opinion, overwhelming majorities of both Republicans and Democrats favor this amendment.”

Democrats want to pack the court, for power. That’s the only reason and people know it.

I firmly reject Democrats’ plan to #packthecourt and I’m proud to cosponsor @RepDustyJohnson‘s proposal to fix the number of justices on the Supreme Court at nine.

— Warren Davidson (@WarrenDavidson) April 23, 2021

American voters love the Keep Nine Amendment 🇺🇸

— The Keep Nine Amendment (@Keep9Amendment) April 22, 2021

We must shut this down & can not leave to chance on a whim of a partisan legislative technical procedure. We must not politicize #SCOTUS @Keep9Amendment. #KeepNine #StopCourtPacking | Why Democrats’ court-packing plan will backfire via @NBCNewsTHINK

— Maureen Blum ❤️🤍💙 (@moblum) April 21, 2021

There is no reason to let Democrats pack the court.

People are standing up on this.

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