Doug TenNapel Explains the T-Shirt Color-Coding System Used at the Maricopa County Forensic Audit (VIDEO)


By Jim Hoft

Published April 25, 2021 at 10:28am

Doug TenNapel explains the t-shirt color-coding system used at the Maricopa County forensic audit.

The Maricopa County forensic audit is shaping up to be the most transparent election audit in history with nine cameras operating live from the coliseum.

Doug TenNapel told his audience it was Jovan Pulitzer who came up with the idea to have volunteer workers wear the color-coded T-shirts during the audit.

Arizona Central also reported on the color-coded system.

TRENDING: BREAKING – IT’S HAPPENING! Arizona Election Workers are Running Ultra-Violet Ballot Testing on Maricopa Ballots (VIDEO)

Yellow T-Shirts: Dealing with mail-in ballots, there are five tables for this group, ballots then moved to the green table

Green T-Shirts: Not exactly clear what ballots they are looking at

Blue T-Shirts tables: The group allegedly inspecting folds

Red T-Shirts: Not sure

Orange T-Shirts: Election observers

We will update this as we gain more information.

Via Doug TenNapel’s YouTube channel and TheStormHasArrived Telegram Channel.

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