“I’m Not Going to Play Political Games” – Kamala Harris Gets Testy with Reporter Asking Why She’s Not Going to the Border (VIDEO)


Kamala Harris got testy with a reporter on Sunday when he asked why she’s not going to the southern border.

Joe Biden appointed Kamala Harris as the “border czar” on March 24 and she still hasn’t visited the border or the Northern Triangle in Central America.

More than 17,000 unaccompanied minors are now in US custody – living jam-packed in Biden cages.

Kamala Harris says tens of thousands of illegal aliens infected with Covid-19, chicken pox and lice living in cages is “progress.”

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Harris received a lot of backlash (mainly from conservative media) for traveling to New Hampshire on Friday rather than going to the border.

Kamala Harris appeared on WMUR (ABC affiliate) on Sunday and couldn’t handle a softball question about her absence at the border.

The reporter was polite but because Kamala Harris has been shielded from the media for more than a year, she brushed off the reporter with a juvenile answer.

“I’m not going to play political games,” Harris said playing political games herself.

Something as serious as hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens being taken into custody since Kamala took office is just a “political game” to her.


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