“The Health Authorities Have Proven Themselves To Be Dumba$$es” – Entrepreneur With ‘No Masks Allowed’ On Front Door of His Business


By Joe Hoft

Published April 25, 2021 at 11:00am

A local businessman has his head on straight.  He had a sign on his front door that says ‘No Masks Allowed’.  Now he’s added a sign that says if you have taken a COVID vaccine you are also not allowed inside. 

Apparently, the Sun City Silver and Gold Company in Kelowna, on the southern interior of British Columbia has been preventing individuals wearing masks from entering his store for the last few months.  The Kelowna Castaway site shared this a few days ago:

It’s been more than two months since a Kelowna gold exchange business publicly disclosed they would not allow people wearing face masks inside their store, in defiance of the province’s public health order, but IH has made no enforcement efforts against the business.

On Thursday, Interior Health’s chief medical health officer Dr. Albert de Villiers said he hadn’t heard of Kelowna’s Sun City Silver and Gold, after the gold exchange recently went further and banned anyone who has received the COVID-19 vaccine.

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“I haven’t been aware of that one yet, but if they’re breaking a specific order and contravening an order then we can investigate and look at the different things we can do,” Dr. de Villiers said during a media briefing Thursday.

“If they’re just spreading untruths like lots of other people do on their Facebook page, there’s not a lot we can do.”

In February, the store’s owner, Steve Merrill, shared this:

“It’s a notice to people that don’t know me that we don’t want them wearing a mask in a store where there’s silver and gold inventory on the shelves,” says owner Steve Merrill.

“The first concern is that somebody walks in with a mask on and puts a gun to my head. My cameras in my store don’t see through these idiot masks,” he added.

Merrill says it’s dangerous for any retail business with product on the shelves to have shoppers wearing masks.

“Sunglasses, make-up, whatever — this COVID operation is a shoplifter’s wet dream,” he explains.

Merrill says he doesn’t wear a mask when he goes out, “I feel that my right to breathe fresh air trumps somebody else’s right to be afraid of the cold that is the COVID flu.”

Merrill was interviewed recently and he shared much of the same.  He doesn’t want people in his store with masks since he has silver and gold on the shelves.  He also doesn’t agree with wearing masks:

Personally, I’m against masks.  I think they’re ridiculous…It’s actually been a boom to business… People who are doing their own homework with respect to vacines or masks, also historically are the type of people who do their own homework with regards to the monetary system….The health authorities have proven themselves to be dumbasses.

What do you think?

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