Baby Murdered After Ultra Liberal San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin Let His Killer Go Free… TWICE


A seven month old baby boy has been murdered after ultra liberal San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin let his killer go free twice after domestic abuse allegations.

Joseph Williams, 26, was released in January and March when Boudin’s office refused to prosecute the abuse cases.

The infant, Synciere Williams, was taken to the hospital with signs of severe trauma last week after being left in Williams’ care. The baby later died and the abuser has been charged for his murder.

The Daily Mail reports that “DA Boudin claimed they had been unable to book Williams for the assaults because the alleged victim who he was in a relationship with had not wanted to file charges. But California State law considers domestic violence a crime against the state, with campaigners saying it was Boudin’s duty to find a way to make a case stick.”

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Kathy Black, the executive director of La Casa de las Madres, a shelter for domestic violence victims in the city, blasted the DA for not taking the abuse seriously to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“Domestic violence is a crime against the state of California, and the district attorney’s job is to work with what the Police Department has gathered at the crime scene and develop the evidence to present a case,” Black told The Chronicle. “That’s his job — it’s not the victim’s job.”

The Daily Mail report notes that Boudin became district attorney of San Francisco in 2019, pledging a commitment to restorative justice over incarceration.

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