Maricopa Madness: New Judge on Case Was Appointed by Former Democrat Governor Janet Napolitano – Sets Hearing in the Case for Tomorrow


By Joe Hoft

Published April 26, 2021 at 2:20pm

Reports are that the new judge in the Democrats’ latest attempt to prevent the Senate’s audit of the 2020 results was assigned by former Democrat Governor Janet Napolitano.  New hearing scheduled for tomorrow.

The new judge in the Democrats Maricopa County case where they are again trying to stop any audit by the Senate of the County’s 2020 election results was appointed by Janet Napolitano, the former governor and Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security:

BIO Judge Daniel Martin was appointed to the bench by Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano in 2007.

— Brahm Resnik (@brahmresnik) April 26, 2021

TRENDING: BREAKING: Arizona Judge Recuses Himself From Election Audit Case To Be Settled in the Morning After Judge Is Notified that Attorney Who Previously Interned for Judge Works for the Auditors

Reporter Brahm Resnik in Arizona says the current thinking is that the recusal of Judge Coury may allow Cyber Ninjas enough time to finish their work but the Democrats have told him they hope to have a hearing sooner than 10 days:

UPSHOT Judge’s recusal & new timeline would appear to allow Senate GOP & Cyber Ninjas to run out clock till they have to vacate Coliseum on May 14.

▶️ BUT Arizona Democratic Party attorneys tell me they’ve requested ‘immediate hearing.’ 10-day pause is boilerplate language.

— Brahm Resnik (@brahmresnik) April 26, 2021

Now according to the attorneys in the case the new judge has set the hearing for Tuesday:

BREAKING New judge on Arizona Democratic Party challenge to AZ Senate GOP audit sets court hearing for 11 a.m. Tuesday, per lawyers on case. Original hearing was 11 a.m. today, before 1st judge’s recusal Sunday.

— Brahm Resnik (@brahmresnik) April 26, 2021

Christina Bobb from OAN shared what many are thinking:

The Democrats are scared.  They are doing all they can to stop this audit. 

What do you think?

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