Cuban Refugee Warns America Is Swallowing The ‘Poison Pill’ Of Communism (AUDIO)


Do you remember Maximo Alvarez? He is the Cuban-American immigrant who spoke at the last Republican convention and warned America not to trust the Democrats.

He talked about his family escaping communism and praised America for being the land of the free.

This week, he was interviewed by Lisa Boothe and once again, he sounded the alarm.

The Daily Wire has details:


Cuban Refugee Warns Americans Have Already ‘Swallowed’ Communism’s ‘Poison Pill’

A refugee who fled communist Cuba warned during a Wednesday interview that he believes many Americans have already swallowed the “poison pill” of communism.

Maximo Alvarez, who fled to the United States from Cuba under Operation Peter Pan in 1961, said on Wednesday’s episode of the podcast “The Truth with Lisa Boothe” that communism has successfully infiltrated American culture and institutions.

After Alvarez recounted how quickly rights evaporated for Cubans under Fidel Castro when he was a child, Boothe referenced Alvarez’s speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC) last summer when she asked him if he believes Americans have “swallowed the communist poison pill.”

“Not only have they swallowed it, they digested it,” Alvarez responded. “Listen to the media. They’re no longer objective. You can tell how much they hate this country.”

“Look at our, our academia!” he continued. “Our kids are not being … they’re indoctrinated! They are taught that America is a bad country. That we’re a bunch of racists, that we’re bad people, and we have to pay back. If this country was racist, I wouldn’t be here. If this country was a racist country, most of us wouldn’t be here because even some people in your family came from another country.”

Listen to the clips below:

Have Americans swallowed the communist poison pill?

Maximo Alvarez: “Not only they have swallowed it, digested it, listen to the media. They’re no longer objective. You can tell how much they hate this country. Look at our academia!”

Full interview:

— Lisa Boothe (@LisaMarieBoothe) April 28, 2021

Maximo Alvarez on Nikita Khrushchev: “And in that speech, he says, one day the United States of America will be communist and we will not even have a war. We will infiltrate their education, we’ll infiltrate society, we’ll infiltrate their youth.”

— Lisa Boothe (@LisaMarieBoothe) April 28, 2021

He is a very smart man and America should heed his warnings.

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