‘Linnie’s Has Never Been Busier’ – Business is Booming For Cincinnati Pub that Banned NBA Games Because of LeBron James


Linnie’s Pub in Ohio says business is booming since they banned NBA games because of Lebron James’ attack on law enforcement.

Last week a Cincinnati area bar announced that they will not be playing NBA games on their televisions anymore unless LeBron James is ousted from the league.

James has been under fire for threatening an Ohio police officer who fatally shot a teenage girl who was in the process of stabbing someone. The Ohio native posted on Twitter “YOU’RE NEXT #ACCOUNTABILITY” with an hourglass emoji and photo of the officer.

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Following James’ threat against the officer, Jay Linneman, the owner of Linnie’s Pub in Delhi Township, announced that people can go somewhere else to watch the NBA.

“If anyone wants to watch an NBA game, don’t come to Linnie’s Pub. We will not air them until Lebron James has been expelled from the NBA,” Linneman wrote on the bar’s Facebook page.

Linnie’s is enjoying the foot traffic!

Via the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Linnie’s Pub’s owner says he’s had a flood of positive and negative response to the public back-and-forth he had with NBA star LeBron James in the news and on Twitter.

“The support for the position has been overwhelmingly positive and has far outweighed the negatives,” he said.

A gas station sign on Westbourne Road near Cincinnati’s West Side within a couple of miles of the pub in Delhi Township put up a sign below the price of gasoline: “Hey LeBron, the West Side thanks you. Linne’s has never been busier.”

Linneman said the point was not to get support for Linnie’s. The bar owner said he has long been a supporter of law enforcement. He said more customers have been coming in since Friday.

“I hope people channel the support to law enforcement and not necessarily to Linnie’s Pub,” he said.

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