URGENT: Calling All Patriots! Windham Board Members Plan Meeting at 7 PM Monday Night at Windham High School — Plan to Attend!


By Jim Hoft

Published May 2, 2021 at 6:19pm

From the NH Voter Integrity Group.

We need everyone to come to Windham High School tomorrow at 7 PM Eastern to show our support for an auditor who is going to work for We The People.

You do not have to live in Windham, New Hampshire.

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We The People want a fair forensic audit!

We want an unbiased all-American forensic auditor and we are recommending Jovan Pulitzer. The Facebook group NH Voter Integrity Group has over 3,000 signatures for this forensic auditor. The Selectmen board members are not listening to the people.

Jovan said he has been offered $10 MILLION to not do any audits. Jovan is a 100% Patriot that can not be bought.

Please contact the Windham Board of Selectman before Monday’s meeting.

[email protected]

For more info, contact:

[email protected]

Guys….we need this more than anything for NH right now!

Please turn out!

What do you think?

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