BREAKING! Windham, NH Board WALKS OUT of Town Meeting After Outraged Residents Shouts Them Down! — VIDEO


By Jim Hoft

Published May 3, 2021 at 6:33pm

HUNDREDS of local citizens turned out to the Winham, New Hampshire City Meeting tonight at the city hall.

The city leaders or “selectmen” moved the meeting back to the smaller venue at the city hall sometime today.

That way HUNDREDS of concerned citizens were left standing outside!

The Windham residents WERE NOT HAPPY after city leaders held the meeting in a room that only held a few dozen people.

The Windham residents are also outraged that city leaders announced they were going to use a corrupt deep state organization to hold the audit!

This is outrageous!

Tonight during the meeting the city residents confronted city leaders. The board members then WALKED OUT of the meeting.

They did not expect the locals to fight back against their corruption!

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This was EPIC!

Local activist and patriot Ken Eyring is attending the event tonight.

Here’s the clip:

Video via patriot Bao Chau Kelley:

What do you think?

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