Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Announces $1K Bonuses to Law Enforcement, ‘We’re Funding the Police, and Then Some’ (VIDEO)


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has announced $1,000 bonuses for law enforcement officials in his state.

DeSantis said that “some want to defund the police. We’re funding the police… and then some.”

FL Gov. Ron DeSantis announces $1K bonuses to law enforcement officials in his state:

“Some want to defund the police. We’re funding the police and then some.”

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) May 5, 2021

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The bonuses will be given to all police officers, firefighters and first responders in the state, he announced on Wednesday during a press conference.

Some want to defund the police.

In Florida, we’re funding them & then some by providing all of our heroes $1,000 bonuses. This represents more than 174,000 first responders across the state!


— Ron DeSantis (@GovRonDeSantis) May 5, 2021

“They were out there, every single day, our police, our fire, our EMTs, and they had to work more than they ever have,” DeSantis said.

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