Observers Notice Bizarre Spot on the Side of Biden’s Head as He Struggles to Speak During Presser (VIDEO)


What happened to Joe Biden’s face?

China Joe gave a speech Wednesday on the American Rescue Plan, otherwise known as the Democrat Donor’s rescue plan.

Only 649 people were watching Joe Biden live on the White House Channel.

Joe Biden could hardly speak after a reporter asked him a question.

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At one point Joe Biden was at a loss for words for 8 seconds straight!



— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) May 5, 2021

And by the way, what is wrong with Joe Biden’s head?

Did he fall down or did he have too much plastic surgery?

Old age catches up with the plastic surgery (facelifts) & plugs.

— David Morgan (@StarCoreOne02) May 5, 2021

Botox swelling or feeble fell again . Got a big egg on his forehead .

— Bonnie (@BonBee81) May 5, 2021


— John Cardillo (@johncardillo) May 5, 2021

We noticed this strange spot on Joe Biden’s head yesterday while he gave a presser on Covid vaccines.

What do you think?

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