Sidney Powell: We Are Living Under a Communist Totalitarian Regime (AUDIO)


Former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell said we are living under a Communist totalitarian regime this week during her appearance on Rose Unplugged on WJAS 1320.

Sidney Powell blasted the corrupt Justice Department for raiding Giuliani’s NYC apartment while ignoring Hunter Biden’s hard drive and other Democrat crimes.

“The world is absolutely upside down because this country is upside down,” Powell said. “They’re feeding lies to the American people every single day. Just the fact that they’re saying Biden is president is a lie because we still got to resolve the election issue.”

Sidney Powell continued, “We are living under a Communist totalitarian regime. If the voting machine companies had nothing to hide, they wouldn’t be hiding anything.”

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Sidney Powell said there were millions and millions of fraudulent votes for Joe Biden in the 2020 election.


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