No Supporters Greet 81 Million Vote Recipient Joe Biden as He Arrives in Lake Charles, Louisiana (VIDEO)


Louisiana – Joe Biden traveled to Lake Charles and New Orleans on Thursday to promote his highly unpopular “infrastructure” bill that has nothing to do with infrastructure.

No supporters lined up to meet 81 million vote recipient Joe Biden.



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President Joe Biden visits Lake Charles to speak to residents about infrastructure plans near the Calcasieu River Bridge as well as the Capitol One Building which remains damaged 8 months after Hurricane Laura.

— Ally Kadlubar (@AllyArose108) May 6, 2021

More crickets.


President @JoeBiden motorcade arrives near Calcasieu River Bridge in Lake Charles ahead of his speech during Getting America Back on Track tour @KTBS @ABC

— Chantee Lans (@ChanteeLans) May 6, 2021

Not a supporter in sight.


President Joe Biden and his motorcade have made it to Lake Charles. 🇺🇸 He’s here to tout his $2 trillion infrastructure plan — fittingly, just feet away from the I-10 Calcasieu River Bridge, which is in “poor condition.”

— Erica Simon (@EricaOnABC13) May 6, 2021

“Dems Stole it” painted on an overpass on the I-10 in Metairie near New Orleans.

Biden WELCOME sign on railroad overpass on I-10 in Metairie New Orleans. He will be visiting New Orleans and Lake Charles today #BidenBorderCrisis #BidensAmerica @JackPosobiec @RobManess

— Sheepdog USMC 🇺🇸 (@sheepdoginov8) May 6, 2021

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