“The Battle This Time Is Over One Thing – Truth” – Cybersecurity Expert RUSS RAMSLAND Releases Exclusive Comments to The Gateway Pundit


By Joe Hoft

Published May 8, 2021 at 7:54am

Russ Ramsland is the founder and co-owner of Allied Security Operations Group a global security services and consulting firm.  He is a former Texas Congressional candidate and former Reagan official.

Allied Security Operations Group was hired to investigate the voting irregularities in Antrim County Michigan following the 2020 presidential election.

Russ provided the following exclusive comments to the Gateway Pundit:

Our nation is currently embroiled in a battle the likes of which we have not seen in 156 years. But this time the weapons are not cannons, muskets, and daggers. Rather, the weapons are words, and the battle this time is over one thing – truth. In this light, it is not surprising that the legacy media are attempting to negate the truth by discrediting witnesses that they know will bring the truth to light. False and misleading accusations are their stock in trade.

I am a devoted American with a unique set of skills and expertise that I have amassed over a decade. These skills and expertise now afford me the ability to lead a team to investigate illegal activity in the realm of election fraud in order to arrive at the truth. Those unique skills have put a target on my back.  Some in the media clearly do not want my team to finish the job.

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Our job is to examine the means and methodologies utilized in the 2020 election, the equipment used to collect votes and determine whether or not the outcome was the result of election fraud. Every American who cast a vote this past year wants to believe that his or her vote was counted exactly as it was cast. Those who do not share this belief, by undermining the ongoing forensic audits and investigations, should take a moment to re-evaluate what it means to be an American.

You will soon be reading things about me and my organization from the Washington Post. Other media outlets are sure to follow. These accusations are intended to malign me and my team in the hopes that their audience will believe what we are doing is wrong. The more outlandish the accusations, the more likely it is that they know the conclusions we may eventually reach are true. Ultimately, they want us to quit the job because they do not want us to release our findings. My team is one of many investigating the last election, and the media will attack every single one to prevent the truth from coming out.

Rather than accepting misleading media “hit pieces” in an ongoing campaign to undermine these investigations, we simply ask citizens to keep an open mind, examine the information and forensic evidence we release, and arrive at their own conclusions.  We do not intend to be intimidated out of completing the investigation.

Russ Ramsland

May 8, 2021

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