Canadian CTV Uses Stock Photo of Chris Watts, Who Murdered His Wife and Two Girls, In Segment on Family Planning (VIDEO)


By Jim Hoft

Published May 9, 2021 at 7:20am

CTV Calgary used a stock photo of a “happy family” for their segment on family planning.

The photo they selected was of Chris Watts who murdered his pregnant wife and two baby girls.

Quite the advertisement for family planning.

Canada is not far behind our Democrat Party.

@CTVCalgary using a picture of convicted murderer Chris Watts and his victims (including the one in her womb) to report on preparedness for maternity leave? Not a good look.

— Cris McIntosh (@crismacca) May 6, 2021

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Here is the video.

This morning on @CTVCalgary there was a segment discussing starting a family and financial planning.

The stock footage uses a family portrait of Chris and Shannon Watts. Hmm? Ironic or just poor planning? *pun intended*


— SCUBADubois (@SCUBADubois) May 5, 2021

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