Reports of Gas Shortages and Long Lines at Gas Stations in Southeastern States After Hackers Shut Down Colonial Pipeline #BidenGasLines


Gas shortages and long lines at gas stations in Southeastern states are being reported after hackers shut down the Colonial Pipeline.

The largest US refinery shut two crude units in Port Arthur, Texas this weekend after hackers caused the Colonial Pipeline to shut down.

According to the FBI, the “DarkSide” hacker gang began attacking the pipeline operator on Friday and stole massive amounts of data.

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“The FBI confirms that the Darkside ransomware is responsible for the compromise of the Colonial Pipeline networks. We continue to work with the company and our government partners on the investigation,” the “premier” law enforcement agency said in a statement on Monday.

White House officials on Monday said they have not offered advice to Colonial Pipeline on whether to pay ransom to hackers who shut down a vital US pipeline.

The Biden Admin is sitting back and doing nothing after a cyberattack affected gas distribution for 1/3 of the country.

Now there are long lines and gas shortages being reported in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

A gas station in Robbinsville, North Carolina is all out of gas. The clerk said it could be five days before they have gas again.

This gas station in Robbinsville is all out of gas. Clerk said manager told her it could be five days before they have gas again. Says phone has been ringing off the hook of people calling around to find gas @WLOS_13

— Caitlyn Penter (@CaitlynWLOS) May 10, 2021

But the gas station across the street has a long line for gas.

This is the gas station across the street. Long line for gas. @WLOS_13

— Caitlyn Penter (@CaitlynWLOS) May 10, 2021

People in Florida are panic buying.

SKY HIGH GAS PRICES: We’ve received calls into the @weartv newsroom about this #gas station in #EscambiaCounty selling regular gas for $4.29/gallon. Within a minute of our news car showing up, it was dropped to $3.29. Check it out 👇🏼 Are you paying more at the pump? #GasShortage

— Renee Beninate (@reneebeninate) May 10, 2021

Gas shortages and panic buying in Georgia.


#Gasmegetton #FitzgeraldGa #FolksPanic This is exactly why it’s a gas shortage

— IDFree (@indeefree) May 10, 2021

One man in Myrtle Beach was spotted hoarding gas.

No need to wonder why there’s a #gasshortage on the east coast. Ole buddy had eight containers lined up at the Murphy across from Tanger 17 in Myrtle Beach.

— TJ Lundeen (@lundeentj) May 10, 2021

Gas shortages and long lines in Plymouth, North Carolina.

Gas stations are running out, Plymouth NC lines are around the building. 4 stations are out. #gasshortage

— Fly on the wall (@Huge2na) May 11, 2021

Just filled my gas tank in Central VA, first station was out of gas, second station I went to had Supreme only. Guarantee that will be gone too by the end of the day. Stand by for #BidenGasLines

— Hammy ✈ (@e2pilot) May 10, 2021

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