Mike Lindell Draws HUGE Crowd To First Free-Speech “Frank” Event…Over 250K Watch Online…Eclipses Biden Audiences


Joe Biden, the largest ever vote-getter in American history—couldn’t draw more than a dozen people in vehicles to his rallies, even after he became the Democrat Party’s nominee for president.

100 Percent Fed Up – In Philadelphia, Biden gave a rousing speech for the tiny crowd that mostly consisted of media members:

In Georgia, Standing O Joe barely escaped the stampede from the massive crowd as he exited the enormous venue.

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Literally, every time Joe left his basement, he was met with enthusiastic voters who couldn’t wait to vote at least once for the confused lifetime politician:

Perhaps 60 people in room at Southwest Focal Point Senior Center in Pembroke Pines for @JoeBiden remarks on senior issues.

Room has social distancing circles on carpet. Everyone wearing masks. Mostly media, some campaign staff, some Broward Democratic activists.

— Anthony Man (@browardpolitics) October 13, 2020

Last night, the Left’s biggest nightmare, who appropriately made a fortune by helping people to sleep better, My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, held his first-ever rally to continue with the kick-off of his free speech social media platform, “FRANK” at The LIVE rally was watched by over 250,000 viewers on The live event was also broadcast by Right Side Broadcasting (RSB) and OANN.

The dishonest media, who fears Mike Lindell almost as much as the Democrats fear his truth, mocked him for low attendance at his first-ever rally at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD. Brannon Howse, a familiar face on “Frank Speech, organized and produced the event. In addition to private security for Mike, who’s been under constant threat since he began his fight to expose voter fraud, Mitchell, SD Police provided security for rally-goers at the free speech event. With literally no advertising, Howse estimated that last night’s event drew an astounding 2,500 supporters.

Lines of American patriots wrapped around the building to show their support for one man who valiantly continues his fight to expose voter fraud in the November 2020 election in the face of abject evil.

Hundreds of Mike Lindell supporters lined up at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD, to get the chance to hear him speak at his first-ever free-speech “Frank Speech” rally:

— @SassyConservativeGirl45 (@SassyConservat1) May 12, 2021

Inside, the stadium was filled with people who traveled from N. Carolina, Texas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Tennessee, and from all across the great state of North Dakota for the chance to see Mike Lindell live.

The amazing Mike Lindell, who went from crack addict to CEO of the wildly successful My Pillow company, shared his life story with supporters who all got a free, signed copy of his “What Are The Odds” autobiography and if they chose to wait in line, a photo standing next to their hero.

Joe Piscopo sings the National Anthem at free speech “Frank Speech” rally…Sinatra style…

— @SassyConservativeGirl45 (@SassyConservat1) May 12, 2021

In addition to the very talented conservative comedian and radio talk show host Joe Piscopo and author Eric Metaxas, Dr. Ben Carson joined Mike’s free speech rally by Skype.

Dr. Ben Carson at free speech “Frank Speech” rally at Corn Palace: “You’ve gotta remember, our rights come from God!”

— @SassyConservativeGirl45 (@SassyConservat1) May 12, 2021

Mike’s first “Frank Speech” rally was a huge success by all normal standards, but our dishonest media shared images of the venue before all of the guests were seated. Late night bully Jimmy Kimmel shared a photo of the event before the guests were inside the venue, as he mocked Mike’s event, telling his audience only 1,500 people attended the event.

The far-left rag Salon did a ridiculous hit piece on Mike’s rally, mocking him for the size of the crowd. Curiously, Salon never wrote about the anemic crowds the “81 million” vote-getter Joe Biden attracted during his campaign.

Before the event began, a long line of people waiting to get into the venue wrapped around the outside of the building. But once they got inside, the situation was less impressive. Only around 1,500 people tuned out for the event, which Lindell had initially boasted might draw a crowd of 30,000 supporters. (In fact, the Corn Palace’s seating capacity is just 3,200.) Even so, Business Insider’s Grace Dean noted that some attendees waited in line for seven hours before the doors opened. 

Big box stores like Kroger, Wayfair, Kohls, and Bed Bath & Beyond have canceled their contracts with Mike Lindell over his fight for election integrity, costing him at least $68 million in lost revenue, according to Mike Lindell.

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