WATCH: Dem Rep. and Former Defense Secretary Get Into Shouting Match About Trump’s Role in Jan. 6 Protest


Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller and Democrat Rep. Stephen Lynch got into a shouting march, complete with insults being hurled, during Wednesday’s Congressional hearing about the January 6th protest.

The heated exchange was over former President Donald Trump’s role in people going to the Capitol.

Miller has previously blamed Trump for the protest, and was prepared to do so during today’s hearing. However, the comment about Trump’s fault was not read from his prepared remarks.

In the remarks that were given to reporters prior to the actual hearing, Miller was planning to say “I stand by my prior observation that I personally believe his comments encouraged the protesters that day.” He did not read that line during the hearing.

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Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA) goes after former acting Defense Sec. Christopher Miller for taking back his written statement saying President Trump “encouraged” protesters on January 6.

Miller: “That’s ridiculous”

Lynch: “You’re ridiculous.”

— The Recount (@therecount) May 12, 2021

Lynch asked Miller why his testimony had changed, to which the former Acting Defense Secretary said, ” I think I’d like to modify my original assessment.”

Rep. Lynch snapped back saying, “Why am I not surprised about that?”

Miller explained that he has since learned that other groups he believes to have been involved were planning the protest prior to Trump’s speech.

The increasingly hostile Lynch replied, “for your written testimony for today, for today, this morning, you stated the following about the president, quote, I personally believe his comments encouraged the protesters that day.”

Miller replied, “That’s a fair statement,” and Lynch shot back saying, “So this is — a very recent reversal of your testimony?”

“Absolutely not. That’s ridiculous,” Miller said.

“YOU’RE RIDICULOUS!” Lynch shouted.

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