Biden Pulls ALL US TROOPS From Israel – Exposing Ally to Jihadists and Regime in Tehran


By Jim Hoft

Published May 14, 2021 at 12:55pm

It took the jihadists less than four months to start a new war with Israel after Joe Biden entered office.

Hamas has fired over 1,500 rockets into Israel the last three days.

In the last 3 days

Hamas has fired 1,500+ rockets

from Gaza all the way into Israel,

terrorizing civilians as far as 90 miles away.

Hamas, expect a response.

— Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) May 12, 2021

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Millions of Israeli civilians are running to bomb shelters as sirens sound across the country.

— Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) May 12, 2021

The Biden administration pulled all US troops from Israel today as the country continues to come under assault.

Who does this help? Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Iranian regime

The Daily Caller reported:

The United States withdrew 120 military personnel from Israel and is warning Americans against traveling to the region due to escalating violence in the conflict between Israel and Palestinian territory controlled by the militant group Hamas.

Defense Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters during a press briefing Thursday that the military personnel were from U.S. Central Command and European Command. They were flown out on a C-17 military transport jet to Ramstein Air Base in Germany.

“We made this decision to remove these individuals in coordination with our Israeli counterparts,” Kirby said. He added that some personnel were in Israel ahead of a planned bilateral event, but were withdrawn in response to escalating violence.

There’s only one right answer.

— Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) May 14, 2021

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