Hate Crime: Brooklyn Church Vandalized — Jesus Statue Toppled, American Flag Burned


Evil is on a rampage in New York.

Last night, someone hopped the fence of St. Athanasius Church in Brooklyn.

They destroyed the statue of Jesus and burned an American flag hanging outside.

The New York Post reported:

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A statue of Jesus was smashed and an American flag burned outside a Catholic church in Brooklyn — in what cops are calling a possible hate crime.

The incident occurred around 10 p.m. Thursday when an unknown person hopped the fence at St. Athanasius Church on Bay Parkway at 61st Street in Bensonhurst, police said.

The vandal pushed over a statue of Jesus’s crucifixion, breaking it into pieces, and torched an American flag hanging outside the rectory, according to cops.

The pastor of the church, Msgr. David Cassato called this an “act of hatred” and one “the saddest day of my twenty years here.”

NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force is looking into it.

The identity of the individual is unknown at this time.

Here are images of the damage caused:

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