WOW! Biden Caught Fake Driving — Someone Else Is Steering Vehicle — It Was All a Stunt! — VIDEO and PICS


By Jim Hoft

Published May 19, 2021 at 8:10am

78-year-old Joe Biden traveled to Dearborn, Michigan on Tuesday to visit the Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center.

Biden promoted his highly unpopular $2 trillion infrastructure bill that has nothing to do with the infrastructure that includes $174 billion to develop electric vehicles.

At one point Joe Biden repeated the lie that his “great grandpop” was a coal miner.

Biden also tripped over his tongue and jumbled his words.

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Following his speech, the declining septuagenarian was put in an electric vehicle where he pretended to be driving.

This was all a show by his handlers to make Joe Biden look like he’s in charge.

Here is the interior of an electric Ford F-150 Pickup Truck.

And here is another photo of the interior of the F-150.

The model Joe Biden was “driving” has two steering wheels.

Here is the F-150 Model Joe Biden was “driving” that clearly has two steering wheels.

Joe wasn’t driving.

Let’s face it — Would you want to sit in a car with Joe Biden behind the wheel?

Notice at the end that Joe Biden is turning the wheel to the right but the car is not turning.

It was all a stunt.

What do you think?

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