CNN Ratings Plunge Since Trump Left Office – Fake News Network Loses Nearly 70% of Its Viewers


CNN’s ratings have plunged since Trump left office.

The fake news network has lost 67% of its viewers since January when Trump departed the White House.

At one point CNN tried to boost its ratings by posting a photo of host Brian Stelter in his underwear.

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That only made things worse for the network.

Other news networks have also taken a hit during the “primetime” hours of 8 PM to 11 PM but CNN got hit the hardest.

MSNBC lost 49% of its viewers since January.

Fox News lost 12% of its viewers since January and 15% of viewers between ages 25-54.

Cable News Ratings Sunday May 23

Average Viewers

4 pm to Midnight Demo | Total

1⃣@FoxNews 119,875 822,875

2⃣@CNN 120,000 558,125

3⃣@MSNBC 49,750 396,000


1⃣Fox News 129,000 1,015,333

2⃣CNN 163,667 708,333

3⃣MSNBC 47,667 383,333

— RoadMN (@RoadMN) May 25, 2021

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