Tommy Robinson Joins Pro-Israel Activist Avi Abelow in Honest Discussion on the Dangers of Radical Islam


“We’re in a war of information,” British activist Tommy Robinson said in a live Periscope with Israeli YouTuber Avi Abelow from Gush Etzion, Judea. “We need Donald Trump and Mike Lindell to create the platforms so we can get the message out.”

Both activists are heavily banned on all social media platforms. The mere mention of Tommy Robinson’s name is enough to get you suspended on Facebook and Twitter, which earned him the nickname of Lord Voldemort.  Avi Abelow had to start his own video channel “Pulse of Israel” to get his pro-Israel message out.

Watch the full hour-long conversation of two great international patriots below.

Anti-Israel/Antisemitism in Britain: What’s Going on? From a non-Jewish Angle

— Avi Abelow (@AviAbelow) May 26, 2021

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