Biden’s America Last Policies on Video: String of Chinese Cargo Ships Are Lined Up and Anchored Outside of Long Beach Port


By Jim Hoft

Published June 4, 2021 at 4:53pm

From a Gateway Pundit reader:

A good buddy of mine in Los Angeles, at an international freight forwarder, told me that they are getting over-run with shipping containers from China.

He said he was in Long Beach, CA over the weekend and he said that there were over 60 container ships moored and anchored yet to be unloaded.

I thought that the US was limiting imports from China? I thought that the tariffs were still in place and that there was very little importation from the Communist Chinese. He explained to me why freight transportation is so expensive… He said supply and demand. He said they are running 24/7 freight from China. What has the Biden administration done to cause this? Why are we destroying American manufacturing and jobs with a flood of China goods? I imagine that your readers would be interested to know the details.

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Here’s the video from Long Beach.

What do you think?

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