VIDEO: Georgia Dirtbag Governor Brian Kemp Booed Loudly at GOP State Convention — Despite Pleas by Elites to Be Nice


By Jim Hoft

Published June 5, 2021 at 2:48pm

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp spoke today at the GOP State Convention on Jekyll Island.

But before he spoke Kemp was greeted with screaming boos from the Trump-supporting, freedom-loving crowd!

Apparently, the crowd is not pleased that Kemp blocked forensic audits and certified an election ripe with fraud.

According to Georgia reporter Maya T. Prabhu, Kemp was speaking for 30 seconds before it was quiet enough in the convention hall to hear him!

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.@BrianKempGA greeted at the Ga GOP convention with loud boos. He was speaking for about 30 seconds before it was quiet enough to hear him from the press area. But he got his first full applause when he mentioned Georgia being the first state to reopen during the pandemic. #gapol

— Maya T. Prabhu (@MayaTPrabhu) June 5, 2021

Here’s video of the crowd reaction to dirtbag Kemp.

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