WATCH: Nickelodeon Releases Video of Creepy Drag Queen Pushing the Black Power Fist and Trans Flag to Kids


Nickelodeon facing backlash after releasing a video of a creepy drag queen singing about Pride in front of a trans-flag.

The video also prominently features the black power fist.

The clip was posted to TikTok. It is currently unclear if they intend to air it on the network as well.

Of course, with this one, Nickelodeon went too far for many parents, one of whom asked “is this the slippery slope I was told not to worry about?”

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Is this the slope I was told not to worry about?

— Megora The Magnificent (@meaghan_newell) June 8, 2021

“Baby blue, pink, white represent transgender people,” the purple haired drag queen sings. “And black and brown represent the queer and trans people of color.”

The video then cuts to a black power fist.

The children’s network has been openly pushing their Communist agenda for some time, but have amped up the boldness of their programming in recent months.

Do trans activists ever try to engage adults? Mostly, I just see them targeting their message at kids. Not sure why kids acceptance is the priority tbh…. kinda sus

— MadTeaParticipant (@MadParticipant) June 8, 2021

The video surfaced on the same day that news broke about how they are set to feature a trans-identified teenager as a guest star on one of its live-action television shows. The trans actor was cast on an upcoming episode of the TV series “Danger Force,” which will air on June 19.

The network has also faced backlash over an episode of “Blue’s Clues” featuring a song about pride — which was performed by a cartoon drag queen and discussed pansexual relationships and “choosing your own family.”

“Blues Clues & You” released a #PrideMonth segment for kids! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

Blue watches an LGBTQ+ parade including members of the asexual, intersex, gay, gender-fluid, pansexual and trans community.

The song is part of an alphabet lesson where ‘P’ is for #pride!

— T⭕️lerance2022 🇳🇱⚽️🏳️‍🌈 (@Pro_Respect) June 3, 2021

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