More Bad News for Megalomaniac Tony Fauci: Over 70% of Americans Believe It’s at Least Somewhat Likely COVID Was Created in Lab


By Jim Hoft

Published June 10, 2021 at 10:34am

For over a year the Chinese regime, US medical elites and the fake news have pushed the narrative that the Wuhan virus spread from bats to humans in one of the city’s wet markets.

Dr. Fauci ran with this talking point for over a year despite funding chain of function research in Wuhan with US taxpayer dollars. Thanks to Fauci, the US was funding China to create deadly viruses that could then be used in deadly bio-attacks. That’s exactly what happened and Dr. Fauci and the media lied about it for a year.

But despite the best efforts by Dr. Fauci and the fake news, a huge majority of Americans believe the coronavirus was likely created in a laboratory.

Pollster Richard Baris shared his findings today on The War Room with Steve Bannon — Over 70% of Americans Believe It’s at Least Somewhat Likely COVID Created in Lab.

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Via The War Room:

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