Macron to Joe Biden: “What We Need is Cooperation – I Think It’s Great to Have a US President Who is Part of the Club” – Biden Nods in Agreement (VIDEO)


Joe Biden sat down with French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday at the G7 summit in Cornwall, England.

Emmanuel Macron clearly had the upper hand in the conversation and demanded cooperation from the United States.

In a sign of weakness, Joe Biden nodded in agreement as Macron told him the US’s role in world.

“What we need is cooperation. I think it’s great to have a US President who is part of the club and you are willing to cooperate and I think what you demonstrated is that leadership is partnership,” Macron said as Biden nodded in agreement.

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French President Emmanuel Macron to Joe Biden: “What we need is cooperation. I think it’s great to have a US President who is part of the club.”

I don’t know about you, but I thought an American President is supposed to LEAD, not be “part of the club”.

Of course, Biden nods.

— Amy Tarkanian (@MrsT106) June 12, 2021

On Friday, Joe Biden’s message to the world was: “America last.”

Biden shuffled in the back of the pack as G7 leaders took a photo with Queen Elizabeth.

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